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Moldes Moda por Medida: SACOS DIVERSOS //Tons of bags with measurements on the images.

Jolly Jack-'o-Lanterns Tote

Jolly Jack-'o-Lanterns Tote It?s no trick to make this happy Halloween bag with Tulip stencils and paint.Skill Level: Some experience necessary Crafting Time: hours Skill Level: Some experience necessary add to project list

Colorful Transformations Tote

Colorful Transformations Tote: not sure I like the green, but this is a really cute idea. Always in need of a cute tote.

Ahoy Tote

Check out iLovetoCreate Anchors Away Tote crafting ideas at A. Explore many more such exceptional art & craft products only here.

Irish Traditions Tote

Setting out for a St. Dont forget to grab your Sham-Rockin' Tote! This simple DIY tote bag tutorial will help you to create a festive holiday bag to carry with you on St.