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How to create a colour palette for your Brand - Guna Meldere

Colour has the power to make us feel. Happy, inspired, uplifted, creative, calm, relaxed, passionate, confident, empowered, energised, successful, perceptive and so on. Colour can evoke all of those emotions...

Learn How To Move UP The (Vibrational) Emotional Scale

Learn how to move up the emotional scale and live a more harmonious and joyful daily experience - one that helps you to manifest more effectively by bringing you fully in tune with your own intentions.

The 12 Personality Archetypes: Which One Dominates You?

the twelve types are divided into three sets of four, namely Ego, Soul and Self. , The 12 Different Personality Archetypes

Modern Web Design Inspiration Feb

A collection of modern web design inspiration that we love. Minimal and clean designs, with varied textures, chalkboard graphics & images.

Whiskey & White Events - Wedding Planner Brand and WordPress Website Design by Salted Ink

Coming Soon - Salted Ink Design Co.

Wedding Event Planner Brand design and Styling by Salted Ink Digital Design Co. Whiskey & White Events custom WordPress Website Design by Salted Ink. Raleigh, NC Graphic and Brand Design.

Pinnable Archetypes - Melissa Bolton

Archetypes in branding help humanize your brand and connect you with your ideal buyers. Use these shareable, pinnable archetype graphics to attract your right people like a magnet.

Free Archetypal Branding Quiz - Melissa Bolton

Discover your brand's unique personality and how to leverage your strengths today FREE with our complimentary archetypal branding quiz.

Magician Brand Archetype Playbook

THE COMPLETE DIY GUIDE TO BUILDING A CUSTOM BRAND AROUND YOUR ARCHETYPEFIRST: Take the free Archetypal Brand Self-Assessment from Brand Therapist™, Melissa Bolton.THEN: Come on back here to purchase the corresponding brand archetype guide.As humans, we’re ...

Instagram Lessons for the Girl/Guy Next Door Archetype Brand - Kaye Putnam | Psychology Driven Brand Strategist

Big Brand Girl/Guy Next Door Inspiration Girl & Guy Next Door Archetype brands are all about creating a relatable, friendly relationship with their customers. They remind us to be humble and that our dreams are possible through hard work and a good attitude. Pabst Blue Ribbon has had a fascinating revival in the last few […]

Meet The Luminary Archetype - Melissa Bolton

Meet The Luminary Archetype and see if 'the sage' applies to your life and brand. Discover yours type with this free archetype quiz.