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Color - colour palette - Kaelyn wants dark purple walls with light blue swirls for her walls. Let's see what she thinks of these colors.

Pretty palette

Very often we have something in a room or that we would like to put in a room that can help us to choose the colors for that room. In this case this picture set the overall mood & guide to the color scheme.

bundled hues

Color Wander

Master Bedroom - bundled hues This site is all about color. Scan through it and find the one color combo you like or do as they did and choose a picture or fabric that is absolutely your favorite thing and match the colors up to that.


These are the colors of my baby girls room. Walls will be the aqua color, accents in the pinks. Husband has already approved, so its settled! i-m-in-baby-mode

P nosso quarto...

Use them to colour things that are known to be Green or red. for a summer related products (that's what you get when green and red are sun exposed - Colour Palettes.

paletas de cores inspiradas em fotografias tiradas da natureza;

Paletas de cores inspiradas pela natureza. Conheça o Design Seeds

Color Palette: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green.  If you like our color inspiration sign up for our monthly trend letter - click the image for the link.

If you like our color inspiration…