enfeite de mesa para festa tema frozen

Festa Frozen - 46 Ideias INCRÍVEIS... [Guia Completo!]

NB: swap hearts for photos Tape the top of the vase or bottle Modge podge glitter Sprinkle with glitter Last use a spray adhesive to set the glitter

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8 Martie


Although not in English, this photo captures the essence of this foam or felt activity. Must try for Sunshine Más

Jardim de Tulipas ✿ Tulips Garden  Origami Tradicional Instruções de dobra: Isa Klein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiBzD_cO_y4  Pássaros Autor: Simon Andersen Instruções de dobra: http://papirfoldning.dk/da/diagrammer/fugl20.html   Dobrado por: Margareth Mazzilli  Fevereiro/2015

Photo by Margareth Mazzilli