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an artist's rendering of a small coffee shop in the middle of a city
an artist's rendering of a restaurant on the deck with tables and umbrellas
Кафе в контейнере от производителя! ILTOR Construction - производство и переоборудование морских контейнеров для нужд бизнеса
a house that is lit up at night
Modernising the exterior of an Australian 70-80’s brick home — BAASTUDIO Architecture
an image of a coffee shop in the middle of the street with people walking by
Sketchup e Lumion - Maquete Eletrônica para criar imagens 3D incríveis
the outside of a restaurant with stairs leading up to it's second story and seating area
This Shipping Container Bar and Deck Is Made for Summer Fun
the container cafe is designed to look like it could be built in an open air space
Shipping Container Cafe
an outdoor dining area with green chairs and tables set up for a formal dinner party
Casamento no Terras de Clara: Camila Amorim Castro + Bruno Henrique D'Almeida Furlan
an empty restaurant with blue chairs and plants on the tables, hanging lights above them
an empty restaurant with plants growing on the walls and tables in front of it,
Simple Restaurant
a bar with lots of plants hanging from it's ceiling and stools in front of the bar