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[Megapost] Te consideras gamer? Entrá papu.

This image just reminds me of why I want to become a video game designer. Animator (anime of course) or game designer?

Sans Gaster Blaster Wallpaper HD!!

I got bored one afternoon. But I gotta say I did enjoy designing and drawing the underfell humans. Especially the angry poff ball that is UF Sans And those heels. I refrain from calling them hooker.

Stormtrooper selfie

Hey guys, let's take a selfie Vader won't know!stormtroopers are not blank slates look at this it is sooo funny

Reminds me of Kakashi's Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique from the one Naruto movie. The detail is absolutely striking. Skoll" by Anna Podedworna.