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Collection by Erin Hiemstra / Apartment 34


In celebration of remodeling the Team Apartment 34 office and this week's big reveal, I teamed up with @BluDot to gather all my favorite modern design inspirations!

Erin Hiemstra / Apartment 34
lost in this modernist sydney space.

lost in this modernist sydney space. | sfgirlbybay

i’m not sure which part of this marvelous modernist home i love best. featured in the latest issue of inside out magazine, this is the sydney, australia-based home of Interior stylist and buyer Karen Kelly Tarasin. i think if i had to choose just one room i could occupy it might have to be this …


Un appartement à Brooklyn vu par Christoff Finio - les bulles de Miluccia

Un appartement à Brooklyn vu par Christoff Finio

The home of Susanne Rutzou


Ég reyni að velja vel þegar ég set inn heimsóknir á Home and Delicious. Hluti af því er að sýna annað slagið eldri heimsóknir sem m...


Claire's Field Notes

These are a few of my favorite things.

White and wood

The Marion House Book

Nomad:Designing A Home for Escape and Adventure By Emma Reddington Photographs by Sian Richards Where to buy: US: Your local independent bookstore Barnes & Noble Amazon Canada: Indigo Amazon Canada UK: Waterstones Amazon UK &am

Moroccan nook

Room Pairs

If these rooms were people, They could easily pass off as siblings Pair 1 Pair 2 Pair 3 Pair 4 Pair 5 Pair 6 Pair 7 [Imag...

The Design Chaser: Metal Shelving | New Finds

Metal Shelving | New Finds

I know what you're thinking... why is Michelle doing another post on shelving so soon? Well, it's because I've come across some cool new fin...