banco para vencer desnível.

This contemporary curved bench seat in the landscape is so smart. Can you imagine relaxing and kicking back in the afternoon sun. The form would also work well with exposed aggregate concrete. If done in this treatment it would then double as a skatepark

Landscape archivos

GILBERTO ELKIS PAISAGISMO Another geometric landscape design, but an interesting combination of straight and curved lines---looks like a fun space to walk through, although seating and social interactions are problematic.

CONCURSO [Tercer premio] Archivo General de La Nación en Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires

Imagem 21 de 22 da galeria de Terceiro lugar no Concurso Archivo General de La Nación & Argentina.

Mobiliario Urbano para el Parque Arvi de Medellín / Escala Urbana Arquitectura (35)

Galería de Mobiliario Urbano para el Parque Arvi / Escala Urbana Arquitectura - 1

Banco de madera sin respaldo HARRIS ISOLA

Plaza Decking / Bench in a public park makes an excellent gathering space where nighttime lighting aids in safety efforts. Overall a really crisp design, simple, yet elegant.

Parque Şışhane | SANALarc

Parque Şışhane / SANALarc

Built by SANALarc in Istanbul, Turkey with date Images by Olivve Wimmer. Sishane Park is a bold shift in urban public space in central Istanbul. Located between the southwestern edge of Beyo.

Galería - Recorre el inaugurado High Line Nueva York en 33 fotografías de Iwan Baan - 18

Take a Walk on the High Line with Iwan Baan,The Grove section of the High Line at the Rail Yards. Image © Iwan Baan, 2014 (Section