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Hoje é o dia mundial do rock, e pra inspirar fiz uma seleção com 20 ilustrações dos grandes astros do rock m/

► #DiaMundialDoRock - 20 Ilustrações dos astros do Rock

Illustration - illustration - King of Rock/Elvis Presley skull tattoo design. illustration : – Picture : – Description King of Rock/Elvis Presley skull tattoo design -Read More –

Conceito em Barbearia. http://CapitaoMustache.Club, Capitao Mustache

Equinox Barber & Salon Leather Holster - Holder for Haircutting Scissors/Shears, Clippers, Styling Combs and other Salon Tools - Genuine Brown Leather (Brown)

A Hair Cut & Straight Razor Shave - I had a grandfather who was a barber. He would let me play in the barber chair when there were no customers in the shop. I learned a lot of really cool stuff about people and life from him.