Tati Ferrigno

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Divine Chaos by Tati Ferrigno, via Flickr

Punk girl with tattoo - A Sketch Series by Tati Ferrigno crown w. Lilly tat by Ink-de-l'Art

Starchild ★ by Tati Ferrigno, via Flickr

In this article we present an interesting project of Sketch Series - Illustrations by Tati Ferrigno. Tati Ferrigno is a talented artist from Bauru, Brazil.

Trabalhos de Tati Ferrigno.

Trabalhos de Tati Ferrigno

Cats in Art, Sketch Series Project on Illustration Served, Artist Tati Ferrigno. ~~ This is my idea of a "crazy cat lady" pin because we are not all crazy old ladies! ~~ A Winter Kitten

tatati ferigano - Pesquisa Google

Innocuous Tattooed Girl Illustrations - Tati Ferrigno Pairs Angelic Ladies with Intense Body Art (VIDEO)

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