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elephants are such wonderful creatures

This is a picture of an elephant "parade." The elephants line up and do different moves or tricks. I think this is a very interesting thing that the elephants do. This proves that elephants are smart creatures.

Los elefantes son los animales terrestres más grandes que existen actualmente. El periodo de gestación es de 22 meses, el más largo en cualquier animal terrestre. El peso al nacer usualmente es 120 kg. Normalmente viven de 50 a 70 años, pero registros antiguos documentan edades máximas de 82 años.

Baby Elephant, the cutest thing. Look at its foot, look at its ears and its trunk awwww its toooo cute

¡Estoy aprendiendo A lameme los labios para cuando me toque saborer mi primera presa...!

Photo (DoinaCiobanu)

Awwww baby tiger:) actually saw some tigers at In Sync big cat rescue in Wylie TX

Labs :)

black chocolate and yellow lab puppies, so sweet and the best thing is they are all labs!

Where the Wild Things Are

My mom pinned this adorably cute cat. This picture just kills me. "Daniel Boone was a cat, he was a cute cat.

Perro #dogs #pets #lovepets

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