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a wooden structure sitting on top of a body of water
Casa Licanray tipo Cabaña [Video] | Diseño casas campestres, Casas estilo cabaña, Modelos de casas prefabricadas
Casa Licanray tipo Cabaña [Video] | Modelos de casas prefabricadas, Casas estilo cabaña, Casas de campo interiores
an open door on the side of a brick building with metal bars attached to it
Especial fachadas: Fachadas ventiladas - Revista PROJETO
Fachada ventilada Laminum, da Eliane
a person sitting on a bench under a wooden structure in the middle of a courtyard
Green House: A Modern Architecture in the Pristine Natural Landscape
Landscape Design is the art of ordering those components to make good back yard. Garden Design is a specialised division of Landscape Design, concerned with private space as well as private goods. The…MoreMore #landscapingarchitecture
a room filled with lots of green furniture and balloons hanging from the ceiling above it
Cores vibrantes para o abrigo de idosos
Abrigo Shinjuen nos arredores de Tóquio (Foto: Nacása & Partners/Divulgação)
multiple images of different colored structures in the sky
VXLAB Branding & Design Direction
Julio Barreno Gutiérrez erects steel awning over a playground
an unusual building that looks like it has been made out of colored paper and is lit up
Cityscope, the urban kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope Architecture. Marco Hemmerling
two images of colorful glass windows in a building with white metal railings and flooring
Designed by sound artist Christopher Janney, Harmonic Convergence is a layering of light, color and sound connecting the Miami airport to a new rental car terminal. What an invigorating way to wake up after a long flight!
people are standing in an art gallery with brightly colored lights on the ceiling and floor
Catch as Catch Can by Daniel Buren