Bules de Natalya Sots

Natalya Sots - Made to Order (Girl Teapot with Poppy Flowers and Birds Hat)

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Cool teapot for an author! This old-fashioned typewriter teapot gets my vote for best in unusual and unique teapots.

English silver antique teapot

English silver antique teapot, hand engraved teapot by William Smily, London, 1858

7 das Artes: Bules de cerâmica muito originais! Mais

Various fantasy teapots created primarily in wood. Several of these pieces won Niche awards.

We love it!

Teacup on Books Teapot. Would you believe this is a teapot? Perfect for a book/tea lover.

Bule eletrico de aço escovado Cuisinart 110 volts - Utensílios Domésticos / Utilplast - Utilplast | Utilplast

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle with 6 preset temperatures for different varieties of tea.

ABruxinhaCoisasGirasdaCarmita: Bule em cerâmica (original)

ABruxinhaCoisasGirasdaCarmita: Bule em cerâmica (original)