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ainsley romero - risograph prints


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an image of a painting on the wall in a room with shutters and blinds
an empty room with a painting on the wall
Pintura parede quarto
Inspiração jhenny keller
a mural on the side of a building with plants and leaves painted on it's walls
Mural | Formas orgânicas 🌿
Mural em área externa com formas orgânicas por Tai Martinsons
an outdoor garden area with painted flowers and plants on the wall, grass in the foreground
This mural, across three walls took about 3.5 days to paint. I think this section is my favourite. I arrived to a nicely primed wall, as… | Instagram
a room with colorful wallpaper and hanging planters on the wall next to a hammock
Quarto-Ateliê da Violeta - UaUá Baby
Quarto-Ateliê da Violeta - uauá baby