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White peacock

Amazing White Peacock whose tail looks like the train on a brides wedding dress. I particularly loved it because my sister and I used white peacocks in our Silver Sisters Mystery, "Vanishing Act in Vegas.

Dragon wrasse

libutron: “ Dragon Wrasse (juvenile rockmover) photo: ©Mike Roberts This was shot here on Maui. These juveniles look very different from the adult Rockmover wrasse. They are found from East Africa to.

Clown Trigger Fish

Clown Trigger Fish: The clown triggerfish is widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian Ocean until the western Pacific Ocean. It is most commonly found along external reef slopes with clear water until 75 m depth.

Flashing Peacock Flounder

The Peacock Flounder Fish (Bothus mancus), also known as the flowery flounder, is a left-eye flounder and is found widely in shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific.


Underwater Life by Mark Laita A study in black & white: Marine Betta & juvenile Panther Grouper Copyrighted by Mark Laita

Colorful coral and Seahorses

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