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the color palette is brown, green and red with berries on it's leaves
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a hallway with pictures on the wall and stairs leading to another room that has an ornately decorated staircase
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window with curtains on top of it
Inspirations : lits à part - MilK Decoration
a room with blue walls and wooden floors
Page temporairement indisponible
an art nouveau design with flowers and swirls on the sides, including two peacocks
Still in Circulation: Art Nouveau Typographic Ornaments
a table topped with gold vases next to a metal wall art piece on top of a black wall
Sélection shopping déco : 25 nouveautés bohèmes et minimalistes
a poster with an image of a peacock in the center and words written below it
an empty room with blue walls and yellow pillows on the chair, next to two black round stools
Bleu déco de canard, bleu paon ou bleu pétrole? - bleu clair peinture
a bedroom with a chandelier, bed and bathtub in the middle of it
Bleu nuit : la déco tourne à l'orage ! - Chevé & Rogé