Apartamento FCstudio Ibirapuera (Foto: Pedro Kok / divulgação)

Apartamento é aberto para o parque

Love this combination wall panelling with Elm and Walnut triangles combined with mirrored triangles.

Vases Landscape, India Mahdavi (Carwan Gallery)

La design week de New York

A Holiday at Home with Munster Rose (Part Five Steps to a Perfect Holiday Garland - Wit & Delight

PI-NO-PI-NO - Maija Puoskari

Unique and flexible vase called Pi-No Pi-No designed by NewWorks.

rubber plant, the ficus cleans toxic pollutants in the air

Rubber Plants, officially called Ficus Elastica, are my new obsession. These beautiful plants make stunning features in any space whether it be a small desk plant or a large thriving tree to fill a void.

Les nouveautés de l'été

Henry Dean Designed by Henry Dean (The Conran Shop). On the table, jacquard fabric, nylon, cotton and polyester (Karin Sajo)