RDJ and the Army woman's selfie. This is so cute and pure. #robertdowneyjr

RDJ and the Marines selfie. She is a MARINE. Those are all marines, learn the different branches guys, there are only five.

cuando eres iron man y tienes mucho dinero :v....

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As diferenças de personalidade.

Oh God, the cuteness is too much!

Superman's cool, Batman's not. (Superman-Batman art by Rafael Albuquerque, writing by Michael Green & Mike Johnson)

Já imaginou se os heróis existissem de verdade? Com certeza iriam faturar uma graninha com patrocínio... Kkkkkk

Designers imaginam como seria se os super heróis fossem patrocinados

Dead Pool - Lovisa D. Cosplay - Album on Imgur More

Dead pool - Lovisa D. Cosplay


I know this isn'y young justice but way too funny to not pin it."How To Stop Batman" - Funny Comic Strip — GeekTyrant

Same guy who drew the second picture makes Batman/Superman Yaoi Manga... Dont believe me look it up on My Reading Manga.com its HOT!

seriously where? is this an actual comic and if so how the hell did this happen?