55 Pins
a child's drawing with construction toys on the table
a poster with different types of toys on it's back side and the words montens
an electronic device sitting on top of a desk next to a keyboard and computer monitor
three women sitting at a table with legos on it
a toy tricycle is shown on the floor
an image of a robot made out of legos with parts labeled in spanish and english
Atto Talking Tom - Computação na Escola - UFSC
a group of young men sitting around a laptop computer on top of a white tiled floor
Desafios e Competições 2 Atto Maker DIY
a group of people sitting around a computer
AttoBox - Robótica Educacional
a toy car made out of lego parts on a table with wires attached to it
Carro Robô. Colégio Delta Santa Rosa. RS.
a young man sitting at a desk with a laptop computer and assorted electrical equipment
Programando em Blocos. Colégio Delta Santa Rosa. RS.
an orange and white sign that says kit estruttural ktr - 10
Atto Educacional
Criatividade e Interdisciplinaridade.
a sign that says kit robotica mais educacao ktr - 30
Atto Educacional
Robótica Fácil e Prazerosa.
a white board with various toys on it
Atto Educacional
Atto Educacional - Cenário Criativo
a computer monitor sitting on top of a desk next to a keyboard
Liberdade para imaginar, criar e aprender a partir de referenciais. Atividades próprias. Colégio Objetivo. Itapetininga. SP.
two girls are playing with legos on the computer
Imaginando, concretizando e virtualizando 2. Colégio Objetivo. Itapetininga. SP.