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Belíssimo tapete de crochê, modelo 3D, Maravilhoso! Segue aqui o gráfico.

This use of crochet is used so realistically even though it's for a rug but is mainly so powerful because of the optical illusion

Manu & Manias: Tapete Meia Lua

Another piece of crochet rug artwork that you wipe your feet on. This one could easily be worked into a butterfly :)

Tapetes de banheiro crochê coruja

closet for crocheted napkin: سجادة كروشية دائرية للحمام.crochet for bathroom

Tapete de barbante em crochê:

Tapete de Barbante: Como fazer, Videos, 34 imagens + Gráficos!

Tapete de barbante em crochê: