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awesome tips: the shape your brow should/shouldn't be...based on your face shape!

How To: Eyebrow Shaping

Hello Ladies, Eyebrows are crucial features on the face of a human being. They play an important role in human communication through facial expressions, but majorly eyebrows have played a great role in beauty enhancement and people have gone to a great extent of modifying their eyebrows for beautification purposes. Eyebrows shape can change how your face looks. Women are commonly known for modifying their eyebrows by means of makeup, hair addition, hair removal, piercings and tattooing. It…


How to choose the right glasses for your face shape | Clearly


sunglasses for square face shape: Curvy frames to soften strong jaw, oversize styles so your face appears smaller.

How to Choose Eyeglasses Based on Face Shape

The more diversity of shapes and eyewear trends today certainly makes us often confused to choose the appropriate face shape. Quite often we wear glasses less suitable and even make less unsightly appearance. The following tips may be able to guide you in choosing sunglasses so as not to regret later. Round Face For a round face shape, it is better to choose a square or box-shaped frame with a slightly wider lens so that the face looks long and dimension. Round or oval frames will only make…

Long bob - good for square face shapes

Best and Worst Medium-Length Cuts for Your Face Shape

Match your face shape with one of these celebrities', then see the best (and worst!) cut for you

hair styles for my face shape

Haircuts for Rounded Square Shapes

Get the best hairstyle for your rounded square face shape with our expert guide.

Long flowing hair looks best for a square shaped face if they have free flowing loose waves. Likewise, voluminous curls take away attention from all the angles and add a soft feminine touch to your face. This also is quite common and well known hairstyle for square face.

50 Top Hairstyles For Square Faces

High cheekbones, well-defined jaw-lines, and impeccable bone structure is what women with square faces have. Top 50 hairstyles for square faces are here to check out

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Trendy Hairstyles for Square Faces