A obra do grande Ariano Suassuna recebe a nossa mais do que merecida homenagem em forma de poster. Chicó, João Grilo e muita brasilidade agora em sua parede!

Poster O Auto da Compadecida

ρiทτєrєsτ: кαℓєyнσggℓє ♡

Mad Max - by vptrinidad Available for from ShirtPunch for 24 hours only.

Friends fan art! <3

FRIENDS, my all-time favorite sitcom. Quoting it constantly is actually how I became friends with my best friend of almost 10 years. (not sure who the original artist is, unfortunately, because it's beautiful)

luffy - one piece

Luffy's Ability and Power in one piece explained/luffy's armament haki/ luffy's observation haki/ luffy's conquerors haki and Gear levels, Powers in one piece Explained!


Designed this for padaleki.To everyone coming to JIBCON this weekend, HAVE FUN! If you see/meet Misha, please hug him for me, ily