FREEDOM OF SPEECH by Pei-Ling Ou - Red Dot communication design award.

Red Dot Design Award, 2013 Poster category FREEDOM OF SPEECH client: Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung City design: Shu-Te University, Department of Visual Communication Design, Kaohsiung City supervising professor: Chein-Feng Chang graphic design: Pei-Ling Ou

Infográfico: elementos e princípios do design.

Infográfico: elementos e princípios do Design

Psychology infographic and charts Design Elements and Principles - Tips and Inspiration By Canva Infographic Description 20 Most Important Design Principle

Infographic: 12 Free Ways To Learn Design -

Learn Design: 12 Free Ways! — You don't always have to spend money to make money. There's plenty of free information available and it is now possible to learn how to design online. Here are twelve great tips, all at no cost to you.

Digital Glitch #TextEffect #PSD

Digital glitch text effect for Photoshop to add digital creative effect to your text and headings using the smart-object layers.

Hollywood sky has always been the home of shining stars. This project is a tribute to 10 of many legendary actresses who shone there and inspired people from all across the globe. Ladies and gentlemen;will you please give a big round of applause for Rita…

Beauty Icons of Hollywood" by Ozan Karakoc Turkish] - (Ozan Karakoc Studio Design, Los Angeles, Ca.

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Jazz & Design-Niklaus Troxler ( 卓思樂爵士樂海報展 ) by Au Chon Hin, via Behance

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