Fabric manipulation and embroidery

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a white shirt with a dragonfly embroidered on it
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Hand Bead Embroidery Art Kit | Creative Hand Sewing and Bead Crafting | Custom Bead Embroidery Designs
This handmade beadwork art kit is a craft lover's dream come true, providing everything you need to start your beadwork project. The kit includes a selection of colorful beads, from lustrous pearls to colorful clear beads, as well as a variety of other decorative elements to bring your creations to life. Each bead is carefully selected with harmonious color combinations, providing endless possibilities for your bead embroidery projects. Additionally, the kit includes an easy-to-operate embroidery hoop and a high-quality embroidery cloth, as well as necessary tools such as needle and thread. Whether you're new to crafting or an experienced hand, this kit is perfect for expressing your creativity and making unique decorations.
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"Karma Is My Boyfriend" - Taylor Swift Baby Tee LINK IN BIO
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CinnamonGirlTees - Etsy Canada
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