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OK so I haven't read The Selection but what I've inferred is there are 35 girls selected to be the wife of some prince? Being the guy I am I'm picturing Hunger Games with teenage girls fighting with heels and purses flying everywhere.

Cinquenta Tons mais escuros - E. L. James

Cinquenta Tons mais escuros - E. L. James

um dos primeiros livros de gente adulta que li :)

o livro é bom mas quanto ao filme , detestei , a unica coisa em comum só o nome!the book is good, but as I hated the movie, the only thing in common only the name!

I have not read this yet -The Selection - Kiera Cass - Part one of a trilogy, this Disney dystopian features 35 girls vying for the love of Prince Maxon - only the girl who might be his perfect fit is in love with someone else.