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the chickens are painted on paper with watercolors and paintbrushes next to it
Animal Studies — noelle holler
paper cut outs with cats and kittens on them are shown in three different colors
COL1454 Marianne Design
two paper model houses sitting on top of each other
an image of people in front of a house with confetti on the ground
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a person holding up a small dollhouse in their hand with the house painted on it's side
Laura Sayers Illustration
Laura Sayers Illustration | Storefront |
an origami fireplace with stockings and candles on it's mantle, surrounded by paper cutouts
a penny sitting next to some stickers on top of a wooden table with buildings
Illustration Portfolio | Laura K Sayers | Glasgow Paper Artist
a hand holding a small house shaped magnet with plants on it's windowsill
Mini Collages
a paper plate with an image of a house and windmills on the top is sitting on a table