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Diffuse 4 drops lemon, peppermint & lavender twice a day to help with allergies | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

I've got a great list of 10 daily uses for essential oils that will help keep your family healthy and happy naturally.


Everybody really seems to be so intimidated on how to use their essential oils. Don’t worry…I’m here to help! This is part two in a three part series on the 3 main ways to use y…

How to use tea tree oil to get rid of a sinus infection! It really works!!

How To Use Essential Oils & Where To Buy Them!

So, you’ve heard about essential oils. They are *everywhere* now. At the grocery store, on Amazon… goodness, even at places like Best Buy and Walmart. It seems like every week a new company is saying, “Hey look! We sell essential oils too!” I get it. If there’s a hot, trendy new item then everyone wants …

Headaches and sniffles come around quickly in the winter. Try these easy remedies.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Allergies - Dr. Axe

People who suffer from allergies can't always avoid triggers, but certain powerful essential oils can treat allergy symptoms and boost our immune systems.

dōTERRA essential oils for sinus headache

Essential Oil Recipe: For Sinus Headaches

This is a great combination of essential oils for sinus headaches.

DIY Sinus Congestion Soak Bath at Home

Homemade Sinus Relief

How to make an easy sinus bath to help combat sinus congestion naturally. If you suffer from sinus headaches this is a must do!

Place essential oil here...

Place essential oil here...

Relieve sinus congestion and pressure with #essentialoils. #lemon #lavender #peppermint #breatheasy

The Art of Using Essential Oils

Relieve sinus congestion and pressure with #essentialoils. #lemon #lavender #peppermint #breatheasy

Is Your Home Toxic and Causing Your Allergy Symptoms? #home #toxic #allergy

Is Your Home Toxic and Causing Your Allergy Symptoms? - Rooted Blessings

Follow Current statistics indicate that American’s spend 90% of their time indoors. Not only do Americans spend 90% of the their time indoors, the United States consumer product safety commission reports that indoor air quality is most times much worse than outdoor air quality just about everywhere. (See source.) There is no mistake about it, …