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Sarah Cray on Instagram: "A little snippet of the feathers project we painted live together 👩‍🎨👩‍🎨 This is what watercolor is all about my friends! If you are looking for someway to jumpstart your creativity or fall back in love with watercolor, then I highly suggest painting some feathers 🤩 You can watch the full tutorial on @letsgomakeart YouTube or Facebook channel. Supplies: @hahnemuehle_global The Collection paper @danielsmithartistsmaterials indigo, lunar black, Quinacridone burnt Orange, @princetonbrush velvettouch long round 10 and @letsgomakeart 1/4” dagger"


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27K views · 2K likes | Irshad Ahmad Ansari on Instagram: "Rev up your Watercolor skills with easy vehicle painting tips! 🚗💨

Dive into the first episode of our series and unlock your inner artist. 

Share the joy of painting with friends and stay tuned for more! 

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-VAISHALI 🧿 on Instagram: "11 must have brushes swatch done for you guys🤎
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Joly Poa on Instagram: "Watercolor Leaf Ideas for Beginners 🌿

Sharing this again for the new followers. Hope this will helpful ✨️

#watercolortutorial #watercolorleaves"
Sarah Cray on Instagram: "Here are four different leaf shapes that you can get with one brush! The brush I am using is a Princeton velvetouch long round 10. This is one of my favorite brushes of all time 😍 save if you need practice with your leaves!"
Joly Poa on Instagram: "Painting watercolor leaves using a dagger brush 🌿"


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Northern lights painting

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Dancer/ice skater

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50 Beautiful Rose Pictures


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LJRART watercolor painting (The teddy bear) - YouTube

Teddy bear

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personalized "Happy Birthday" sticker with cute watercolor cupcake with pink frosting. Simple and cute design perfect for your cupcake theme birthday parties. Great for kids and adults. Watercolor illustration by Kristine Lee. For more, visit

Watercolor birthday

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Joly Poa on Instagram: "Happy Easter! 💐"

Easter paintings

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Yen Victore | Watercolor on Instagram: "The workweek is almost over. Despite the busyness, I hope your heart remains full of gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful things that surround you. :)"


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Sandy Allnock | Artist on Instagram: "Which expression represents you this weekend? ⛄️ #watercolor #watercolorpainting"
Kristin Van Leuven | Watercolor artist and instructor on Instagram: "This is a good example of how you can paint white with watercolor without using any white paint! All the little details of his eyes and carrot and arms are my favorite part. Will you try this one? Day 11 of 12 days of watercolor holiday card making done! I can’t believe there’s only one day left 💕🎉🌲☃️"


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Nativity scene ideas

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Variety of subject choices

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Watercolor lettering

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Variety of ideas

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Tania Miller| watercolor artist and teacher on Instagram: "Negative space painting. When I painted this pine cone I never thought I was going to do a negative space kind of painting. Most of the time I don’t analyze what’s gonna happen on the paper until I start… wonderful don’t you think? Give yourself permission to have fun, experiment, and try new things!"

Pine cones

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Pigments Art on Instagram: "Bokeh flowers 🧡💚

My simple way of doing bokeh in watercolours is to use a round stencil together with cotton wool pads. Dampen a pad and then squeeze the excess water out. Place the stencil on the painting and gently rub or dab over the watercolour paint to lift off a circle. Make sure that the back of the stencil is dried between uses to prevent lifting off paint where you don’t want to
Paper: @st.cuthberts.mill Bockingford 
Paint: @winsorandnewton
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Watercolor Arist | Bree Copley on Instagram: "Love the feel the bokeh effect gives these watercolor daisies ! This technique is really simple and easy to achieve if you have the right tools. be sure to SAVE  for later and SHARE with all your watercolor friends! 

Here are the supplies you will need to help you achieve this Bokeh effect.

-masking fluid 
-circle stencil 
-magic eraser ( the kind you use for cleaning)
You can also use a natural sea sponge. 
-paper towels

- you can use any color for the background , so choose more than one. 
- when using multiple  colors try not to manipulate the colors or blend them together too much. You don’t want the paint to end up muddy 
- be gently with the sponge , rubbing too hard can ruin your paper 
-you can also add color washes to y
Dorothee on Instagram: "The first spring flowers 

Inspired by a photograph capture by @tania_.p_.s 🤗✨ such a magical image I really wanted to try painting it, thank you! 


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Bokeh effect

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Furry animals

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Tropical/Beach scenes

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Focal point on one area and fuzzy on rest

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Pictures of columbine flowers

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