Wedding cake/food.

Not sure if it's the soothing tone of a light, minty green color.but it seems appropriate for this time of year in a not-so-spring-green-yet kind of way. {Photo credits: 1 Elizabeth Messina Martha Stewart Weddings 4 A Bryan Photo}

light-green-wedding-cupcakes..perfect for so many reasons

Rome Paris at dusk le cafe Cafe Coffee light-green-wedding-cupcakes mini cup cake designs

Awesome cherry blossom wedding cake.

Dogwood Wedding Cake by Pink Cake Box.omg, I'd love to have this only done is cherry blossoms!

Cherry Blossom cake.  Looks yummy!

Cherry Chiffon Cake Gateau - not a recipe but I think I might have to try replicating it!

love the red cherry blossoms and simplicity of this

This cherry blossom wedding cake has 4 layers of chocolate fudge cake with one layer of peanut butter filling and one layer of chocolate buttercream in eac

This @Martha Stewart Weddings

Floral Cakes The traditional princess cake, an old Swedish wedding standby, is normally covered in green marzipan. Cloke the dome-shaped cake in pink fondant and topped it with a smattering of real cherry blossoms, If you’re having a sizable wedding, cons