Lenticular Clouds

Collection by Barbara Lucia

Barbara Lucia
They look like giant flying saucers on top of mountains, but clouds are stationary lens-shaped. The lenticular clouds formed aligning perpendicularly to the direction of the wind at height. Beautiful Sky, Beautiful Landscapes, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, All Nature, Science And Nature, Amazing Nature, Lenticular Clouds, Nature Sauvage

Sierra Lenticular

On one sunset shoot during our recent Alabama Hills workshop we watched a large lenticular cloud for about an hour. It was a pretty incredible sight for me but according to Bill Wight, not that unusual in the Eastern Sierra. View the entire Alabama Hills Set View my - Most Interesting according to Flicker.

Lenticular clouds: naves disfarçadas visitam a Terra ? Weather Cloud, Wild Weather, Lenticular Clouds, Mont Fuji, Tornados, Thunderstorms, Earth From Space, Natural Phenomena, Sky And Clouds

30 Creepiest Clouds On Earth

Image: richard carlson Imagine it’s twilight – you’re lying on the grass, staring in the sky and familiar shapes appear in the swirling cumulus. The clouds look like demonic marshmallows that infect the sky. They transform into amazing faces, beautiful fish, flying saucers and demons. These are some of the unknown wonders of the natural ...

We live in absolutely beautiful and breathtaking world. Enjoy these amazing pictures of nature. Then check some more beautiful nature photos. All Nature, Science And Nature, Amazing Nature, Beautiful Sky, Beautiful World, Beautiful Pictures, Ufo, Lenticular Clouds, Cumulonimbus Cloud

Amazing Pictures of Nature

We live in absolutely beautiful and breathtaking world. Enjoy these amazing pictures of nature. Then check some more beautiful nature photos. Beautiful Sky picture Big UFO-like cloud Beautiful twister-like clouds Marvels of nature Fairy-tale picture of nature Ice-cream anyone? Hot, hot! Dawn…

NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day. A Lenticular Cloud Over Hawaii Credit & Copyright: Peter Michaud (Gemini Obs.) Pictured are several clouds all stacked up into one striking lenticular cloud. The picture was taken near Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA. Heart Of The Storm, Lenticular Clouds, Water Surfing, Astronomy Pictures, Cloud Shapes, To Infinity And Beyond, Natural Phenomena, Sky And Clouds, Natural Wonders

APOD: 2005 August 21 - A Lenticular Cloud Over Hawaii

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Clouds turn the sky into a big art gallery, complete with icy jellyfish and clouds that look like breaking waves. Our gallery illustrates some of the most intriguing types Lenticular Clouds, Edge Of The Universe, Cloud Shapes, E Mc2, Grey Skies, Cloudy Day, Natural Phenomena, Sky And Clouds, Beautiful Sky


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Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland - Photograph by Matthew Wynyard. During a magic trip driving round Iceland, it was raining a lot. After crossing over Snæfellsnes Peninsula, everything changed, and these amazing lenticular clouds appeared. Beautiful Sky, Beautiful Landscapes, Beautiful Scenery, Iceland Wallpaper, Best Nature Images, Lenticular Clouds, Weather Cloud, Cosmos, Sky And Clouds

Best Nature Images of Month (January 2011)

Nature tells us a lot of stories about oddest existences and scenes all around the planet. Such local sightseeings with astonishing features quickly become globally known. However, in daily life, people are always seeking for new and fresh images of natures and animals which occur in all corners of the world. In the recent issue, National Geographic has published the best selective nature photos of the month January 2011. The most astonishing photos of the month feature amazing scenes of…