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Iluminação e Tubulação Aparente (Super Limão)

Iluminação e Tubulação Aparente (Super Limão)

Casa 1. Harmonia em cinza. Revestido de fulgê com grãos brancos, pretos e acinzentados, o paredão repete o tom predominante da construção e valoriza a composição do ambiente.

Live/Work in Brazil: A High Style Solution : Remodelista

The Bahamas as seen from the ISS cupola

Glass bottom spaceship - view over the Bahamas and the Caribbean Sea seen through space station's cupola (Scott Kelly / NASA)

Jason Mraz and Mona Tavakoli in Antarctica

Jason Mraz wants you to give climate deniers the finger - Red, Green, and Blue

"Vultures" lyric writing.

John posted this to his IG;

Nikola Tesla: Rockstar Scientist love this poster from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!

Nikola Tesla: Rockstar Scientist - Didn't Flint have this on his wall in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?

For Ryan and I. Don't know how big it is tho. I also added the trio of posters that go together. You don't have to get them from that site tho.

SpaceX, NASA and even Etsy sellers imagine exotic future space travel via vintage poster art.

The 45 year evolution of spacecraft cockpit #design from @NASA Apollo to Discovery to @SpaceX Dragon v2 #glasscockpit pic.twitter.com/8ZTtPyeYYw

The 45 yr evolution of spacecraft cockpit design from Apollo to Discovery 2 Dragon

AS9.jpg 768 × 1 152 pixels

AS9.jpg 768 × 1 152 pixels

Gestalten | Raw Home by Taller Estilo

For Raw Home, the Taller Estilo Arquitectura team faced a number of design challenges. In addition to the west-facing entryway, the family home was to be built on a long but very narrow plot of land.