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Paolla Barsotti

Paolla Barsotti
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Homemade spicy salmon jerky is easy to make using marinated salmon that is put in the food dehydrator and is great for snacks and hiking.

"Each year we collect a bountiful harvest of red salmon during the summer. A portion of this yield usually goes to making salmon jerky. This delectable marinade makes the salmon jerky to die for, and I have yet to taste a better recipe!

Here's a super list of the most delicious kale chips recipes you've ever seen. Learn to make them all with your food dehydrator. WARNING: You may want to grab and eat these kale chips right off the page.

Learn to make a variety of healthy dehydrated kale chips from this ultimate recipes list. Replace unhealthy snacks with these amazing kale chips creations.

How to Make Salmon Jerky

Salmon jerky is GAPS/paleo/anti-candida/SCD/soy & gluten free snack! Made with few ingredients, this salmon jerky will hit the spot for a perfect, satisfying, crunchy, potable snack!