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Quando sentimos dores - seja onde for - costumamos recorrer aos remédios, não é verdade?

Tudo está na ponta dos seus dedos - pressione estes pontos para eliminar sua dor

Giant ice fountains rising over 100km high; an ocean hidden beneath a frozen crust of ice; storms twice the size of Earth; immense volcanoes that could rip a planet apart - this series reveals the true & awesome beauty of our solar system.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been studying Saturn and its moons since it entered orbit in This image, taken on Oct. is a stunning mosaic of the geologically active Enceladus after a Cassini flyby Photo By NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Sleeve tattoo Ideas 1

Top 10 Best Tribal Shoulder Tattoos for Men. Are you looking for shoulder tattoo designs for men? Check out my favorite selection of tribal tattoo…


This is my tattoo I have been looking for so long now for a sugar skull & this is it. I love love LOVE a amazing-quality, expensive tattoo! ART is the only thing your should put on your body if you decide to mark yourself.

O melhor planeta!

Today's picture, taken on November 2009 at am. Using the 98 in Hooker telescope. Here is the planet Uranus the seventh planet from the son and. Picture of Uranus