barbara marques bailona

barbara marques bailona

barbara marques bailona
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Really thinking about starting to watch this the fandom is crazy big so hope it's good :) Gorgeous art! Kind of a witch and familiar AU. (by avodkabottle) (Miraculous Ladybug, Chat Noir)

"Não importa quanto tempo demore, onde quer que estejam, as almas afins, sempre se reencontram ...." O Ilusionista

Gif: Fire And Water Hands With Heart Fire and ice hands and heart Love is the Water of Life. And a Lover is a soul of Fire. "The Universe turns differently when Fire Loves Water.


I honestly don't know who they are. The girl's attitude stance, her school uniform and her look's, look's like Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! But the guy isn't her hot Usui. I would love to find out what anime this is.

Hey höre auf dir sorgen zu machen um sie ihr geht's gut glaub mir Sie denkt an dich genau wie die Kinder

I sigh and sit on a giant rock in the park. It's late at night so it's only me…