Princesas Disney em estilo Anime

Pakistani Illustrator Maryam, loved anime and Disney and wanted to draw fan arts of all "my favorite characters since childhood. Now I have the skills to draw and so I created pretty Disney girls' portraits".

C: moon-buni by Eukia.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Please do not copy, trace, or steal! Commission for moon-buni. I hope you like it and thank you for commissioning me! C: moon-buni

Be cool if you could smudge around the basic color instead and then sharpie it. Make it like a sunset with the sharpening of a fox instead

I like the fox design. Space Fox by nellmeowmeow //Just the design of the fox is perfect, very much like my style of art. (This for a drawing, not tattoo)

HisFear : Foto

The soft pink and purple color is a very pretty mixture! The shine of this reminds me of a slippery wet shinny bridge. This is a really pretty diamond. I love this pretty pink and purple shinny color😄😄