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I don't even understand how that relates to "me and life" but oh my gosh that was funny!

17 GIFs of Terrified Children for Your Adult Amusement from GifGuide --- I totally would have been just like the kid with the fish.

Fraternidade Evangelica O CAMINHO: ÚLTIMOS DIAS Que Deus, aquele que dá paciência e...

Little girl triumphs over bullying teacher, is my new hero! Don't know if this is set up, but all the bullying teachers need this wake up!

Le meilleur du pire du 14/01 : clé USB pelle, P. Ennis et teddy bear géant |

unrepentantwarriorpriest: “ alliecantdance: “ elegantpaws: “ gifsboom: “ So you think you’re lucky. [via ] ” When Guardian Angels work overtime and become chain smokers.

This woman honestly just doesn't give a damn... And I love it. XD GIF

"When my jam comes on my iPod at the gym" so me. I want to walk up ALL the stairs like this. Lynn for when you do the stair stepper lol