Caiapó  Mato Grosso

*The Kayapo people are indigenous peoples in Brazil, from the plain…

Sorriso de alegria - From Vietnam. Humor - risos - sorriso - crianças rindo sorrindo

phenomenonofphotography: From Vietnam by Kong Tam They look so happy… Without internet.

Da Amizade.

Funny pictures about Friendship in one picture. Oh, and cool pics about Friendship in one picture. Also, Friendship in one picture.

The old beauty.

Love in all ages! slimmcharles: honey-eyed: Photo “Never Ending Love” by Zulkifli The little things we take for granted

Steve Mccurry

McCurry took what is inarguably the most famous Nat Geo image ever — the 1985 cover photograph of Sharbat Gula, a. “the Afghan Girl,” a shawl draped over her head, green eyes blazing, in a refugee camp in Pakistan.

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