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a cross stitch pattern with black and white flowers on it, as well as numbers
two pairs of blue knitted socks with white and black designs on them sitting on a couch
Motoristit, isä ja poika
two knitted mittens with the simpsons face on them
HomerSelbu (Homer Simpson) pattern by Lena Stølås
a spiderman cross stitch pattern in red, black and blue with the letter s on it
Tricksy Knitter Charts: spider-man (73388) (73389) | mittens | Knitting patterns, Crochet patterns, Cross stitch
the legs of a person wearing red and blue socks with braided design on them
Even Big Guys Love SpideySocks pattern by Terri Frid
two star wars mitts are sitting on top of a plate that says, i don't give you the force
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