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Bernadette Pozza
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A alegria está sempre à nossa disposição, basta que a deixemos entrar na nossa vida e seremos felizes no dia a dia.

✮You gotta love Autumn---so hard to choose between putting this in "Fall" or "photography" but I chose photography because of the blurred background and focus on the leaves in the foreground, I love this kind of picture. and yes, Fall/Autumn is awesome!

Foto com animação

☁☔ Ï Łṏⱴẻ Ǟ Ŕǎìȵẙ Ďǎẙ ֆ Ǟ Ŕǎìȵẙ ♑ìĝђƭ ☁☔ ~ GIF Rain on autumn leaves

expression-venusia: “ Lake Dock, Thousand Expression Photography ”

Lake Dock, Thousand Islands, Canada. The Light Purple & Blues Of The Hills, Water & Sky In The Background Create A Cool Tone To The Image. The Leaves Complement It Well & Add To The Peace & Tranquility.