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Lindo e criativo.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden “ “Design studio, Rosenbaum, designed this garden as an inexpensive small space solution for growing herbs and spices… All you need is emptied and cleaned.


Stop the dieting. Educate yourself on good healthy foods."Eat Lean, Eat Clean and Exercise in Dieting SUCKS! But living healthy and eating better can last a lifetime. Change your lifestyle and it will change your life!

Islamic Architecture.

Detail of the iwan of the Nasir al-Molk mosque in Shiraz, Iran. God, i wish i could visit Iran without the the fear of being kidnapped to work in their secret uranium enrichment facility with no right or say as a woman.

This is my kind.

7 For All Mankind® 'Dojo' Stretch Trouser Jeans (Regular & Petite) (Midnight New York)

Here comes the sun (at work)

Here comes the sun (at work)