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Shins 10 Tree of Life history and research. Celtic Tree of life and how it relates to Tree of Life Tattoos.A research, design and history page about the Tree of life thru the ages to its now modern use as a Tattoo design.

Norse Viking black sun leather bracelet by Ven Mehic. #norse #norsemythology #nordic #viking #futhark #norserunes #blacksun #sunwheel #ocult #sonnenrad #schwarzesonne #heathen #pagan #irminsul #asatru

Black Sun with a sacred runic circle and irminsul Norse Viking leather wristband by Ven Mehic.

Resultado de imagem para desenhos gregos grafismo

Vector Illustration of Set of geometric greek borders, isolate design elements. - Search Clipart, Illustration, Drawings, and EPS Clip Art Graphics Images

Dwarvish Geometry by phantomphreaq

Close up of the central part of the head on Gimli's Battle Axe, showing the typical geometric design work of the dwarven culture Dwarvish Geometry

dwarf symbol - Recherche Google

The Aon Celtic Art website features the artistic works of international artist Cari Buziak, including a gallery of works, free tutorials and clipart.