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an abstract painting with various shapes and colors
Joan Miró. Collage. 1929 | MoMA
an abstract painting with black and white colors
Joan Miró | La Commedia dell'Arte VIII (1979) | MutualArt
an abstract painting with white and blue flowers on brown paper, including one flower in the center
Untitled, 1925 - Joan Miró - WikiArt.org
a woman standing next to an older man in a room with paintings on the walls
Bettina Graziani wearing Claire McCardell shirt and pants, seen here with Picasso (the master himself) in his new Cannes villa, La Californie, photo by Mark Shaw, 1955
a painting with an upside down face and two circles in the middle, on a gray background
Joan Miró en 5 grandes obras
an older man sitting in a chair next to a white wall with drawings on it
an abstract painting with white lines and red circles on black background, depicting a person holding a balloon in the air
Woman in Front of the Sun
Joan Miró | Woman in Front of the Sun | 1944 | Oil and aqueous medium on burlap |13 1/8 x 9 5/8 inches (33.3 x 24.4 cm)
an older man is working on some art work
Miró, o artista que nos convidou a ver tudo como se fosse a primeira vez
Tem sido referência constante nos media nas últimas semanas por causa de um…
an abstract painting with black and white lines on the bottom, green circle above it
Joan Miró
an abstract painting with blue and red circles in the center on a green field, next to a yellow wall
vjeranski: “ joan miro ”
a painting on display in a museum with green background and black dog's head
Miró, Joan e suas principais pinturas
Mensagem de Amigo - Miró
an abstract painting with many different shapes and sizes on it's yellow background,
Rio receberá a "A Magia de Miró" – Revista Embarque
miro | exposição estará aberta a partir de 29 de julho, na Caixa ...
an orange rug with abstract designs on it
Frédéric Clad (@FredericClad) / Twitter
Joan Miro attr. Tapestry Embroidered wall hanging fiber art Mid-Century Modern
an abstract painting with black, orange and blue colors on it's face next to the word dinko
by Joan Miro