Fondant shoe tutorial

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Stiletto Box Cake

Stiletto Box Cake Woman + Shoes = Love

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Valentino Shoe Cake

A slightly different Valentino shoe for this cake. You can't really tell on the picture, but it's made to look like shot silk and has a lovely sheen. The double bow is made from flower paste and has about 100 golden Swarovski crystals attached. Vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream.

Fondant/gum-Paste Shoe Cake Topper

A girls best friend...

Shoe, diamante, cake check….. surly a girls best friend. First try of using cake lace and really happy with the product. Handcrafted sugar shoe, and lily. You can see more of my work here Thanks for looking =) x

Jimmy Choo Shoe Caks

Blush, gold and Ivory theme

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Bolo de estampa Oncinha

Agora está super na moda tudo o que tenha a estampa de onças, zebras e tigres... Deixo aqui sugestões de lindos bolos decorados com onc...

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Kids Birthday Party Activities That Inspire Team Work

You have actually been crowned, chosen, or chosen to come to be the Maid of Honor to your friend's wedding event supper, and also you additionally understand specifically what it implies, you wil

Fondantgum Paste High Heel Shoe

Fondantgum Paste High Heel Shoe Fondant/gum paste high heel shoe

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Centros de mesa con zapatos de tacón para cumpleaños de 15

Los zapatos de cristal, tipo las princesitas son muy elegidos para decorar las mesas en los cumpleaños de 15. Hemos elegido varios ejemplos de cómo se pueden realizar centros de mesa para cumpleaños de 15 con zapatitos. Hay muchas opciones de combinarlos con diversos materiales, como son la brillantina, las plumas, las perlas, las mariposas, […]