English knot instead of French knot. makes a true knot instead of a donut shaped knot.

My Sweet Prairie: - Saturday Stitches - Colonial knot is a little different than a French Knot. It doesn't make that little doughnut. It makes a good tied knot by wrapping the needle in a figure eight.

sashiko tutorial

Sashiko tutorial ~ This looks like it would be a lovely embroidery technique to try.

Band Sampler

Lots of pattern links and tutorials. This is Huck Embroidery otherwise known as Swedish darning.

A different take on huck embroidery

A different take on huck embroidery Memories: my grandmother taught me how to embroidery this way!

Sashiko Tablerunner Kit. Have just discovered this craft of Japanese embroidery. How lovely.

bebebold - Hempleaf (Asanoha) tablerunner kit that I made using pre printed sashiko fabric and then bordered with sakizome-momen pre- cut squares

Chicken Scratch / Gingham Embroidery Tutorial

How To Embroider on Gingham – Chicken Scratch Tutorial

1 of 2 Full Chicken Scratch / Gingham Embroidery Tutorial. See detailed tutorial on page.§ con disegno e tutorial §