I do this to often in LoL. Bahahaha.

The Dota Memes

To me this has always been general knowledge and so intuitiv but this happened more than once to me

[5e] Guide to Homebrewing Races : DnD

I'm sure this is more of a niche interest, but I've put together a comprehensive guide for analyzing and homebrewing races in edition.

Treasures of the Fey Market

The costumes in Stardust were stunning. Amazing designs by Sammy Sheldon.

In a Goblin Market

The underground Troll Market from Hellboy 2 is similar to the Shadows Market.

Dragon Masks – Tyranny of Dragons

Dragon Masks - Tyranny of Dragons - Tribality

Clever Move 11 of the Best Monster Entries in the D&D 5E Monster ...

As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Monster Manual may be the best one Wizards of the Coast has ever produced.

5 Nobles For Your D&D Campaign

5 Nobles For Your D&D Campaign

Weak Magic Items for 5e

Weak Magic Items for