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Lego cars

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Bevins Bricks
lego Herbie the love bug ahhh! Lego Cars, Lego Tv, Lego Truck, Lego Trains, Volkswagen, Vw T1, Lego Autos, Lego Mini, Technique Lego

PF Herbie

Video and chassis pics to come when time permits. Stickers are custom. Entry for the LUGnuts 30th Build Challenge.

Chevy Pickups by Iichtblau Legos, Lego Truck, Lego Police, Lego Speed Champions, Vintage Lego, Lego War, Lego Worlds, Cool Lego Creations, Lego Design

Chevy Pickups

I'm far away from my bricks at the moment and thus unable to make any adequate tribute MOCs for Nnenn's tragic passing... This feels a little nonsensitive, but I made this two pickup trucks when I had some parts within my grasp last week and they are the only LEGO stuff I've packed... I hope I'll find some time and bricks (and a rubber band holder of course) for an adequate tribute soon...

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Range Rover Classic

"For Queen and Country" I doubt I've ever seen one of these in real life. The newer models are plentiful on the highways and in the city, but it's the Classic that is the really iconic one, in my opinion. I've seen very few people attempt this in 6-wide scale, and I found out why. It took me HOURS to come up with a good solution for the nose, but I'm pretty pleased with the result. Update: 2 days after posting this, I did get to see one in real life. It looked awesome.

MOC Lego Town sized vehicles - LEGO Town - Eurobricks Forums - MOC Lego Town sized vehicles – LEGO Town – Eurobricks Forums Best Picture For diy face mask se - Legos, Lego Camera, Lego Autos, Lego Mecha, Lego Modular, Vintage Lego, U Bahn, Lego Worlds, Cool Lego Creations

MOC Lego Town sized vehicles

Heres my most recent MOC. It was inspired by the pink and white car in the Diner set. I know the metalised parts dont exist but I think it would look okay if those parts were white instead. Heres a couple of pics with it in its current state. I think I prefer it without the wheel-arch pieces TBH,...

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Lego 1971 BMW 2002 Ti Restomod - 01

I've been keen to make a 2002 for some time, they are one of those classics that look great both standard and modified, plus that simple shape is relatively brick-friendly. I had some fun getting the iconic round tail lights in the correct scale and at the last minute changed from the full 'murdered-out' look and added the gold rims for a bit of post-Christmas bling! If anyone has any tips for getting rid of fluff and dust I would really appreciate them - I used a glasses cloth and was…

The Project (by Grantmasters) Lego Cars, Lego Robot, Lego Truck, Legos, Lego Space Sets, Micro Lego, Lego Builder, Lego System, Cool Lego Creations

The Project

Heavily inspired by _Tiler. I tried to not look at his builds to avoid burglarizing any significant structural similarities. Ideally I'd have changed the front tires but I have to be content making do with what I have. This is based on my childhood memory of my dad. Fortunately he's still alive :) He's built and raced hot rods ever since I can remember. He used to always wear a Cincinnati Reds cap and have mended "tweeds" often held up by rope, mainly because he would rather spend cash on…

  Lego Mecha, Lego Bionicle, Ferdinand Porsche, Batman Car, Lego Batman, Volkswagen, Lego Craft, Lego System, Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max – Fury Road: FDK _05

This thing is the very definition of "ugly and proud". I almost gave it up at some point, but the car is just too weird and way beyond original not to be worth a little effort. The thing I probably like most about this mutant is its mean and efficient... "logic".

Lego Classic Pick Up Truck Lego Boat, Lego 4, Cool Lego, Jurassic World, Lego Police Car, Lego Camera, Lego Truck, Lego Pictures, Lego System

The Old Truck

To some extent, inspired by de-marco's little trucks, which I like a lot.

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67-70 Chevy van

In case you couldn't tell, I love vans. Specifically the 60's forward-control vans. More specifically, 60's forward control vans produced by Chevrolet. This is my attempt at capturing what is known as a "second-gen" Chevy van, produced between 1967-1970 as an update to the earlier platform. While these vans are strikingly similar on the outside with a few cosmetic differences, underneath they are almost entirely different from 64-66 vans. I've tried to build this one studs-out instead of…

Lego Nissan Fair lady datsun twin JDM for sale custom made Cool Lego, Awesome Lego, Lego Kits, Lego Speed Champions, Lego Builder, Lego Room, Datsun 240z, Lego Design, Lego Projects

Nissan 240z Fairlady JDM Datsun hoodoff

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The sleekness and amount of detail is amazing in such a small scale representation! Lego Cars, Lego Auto, Lego Mini, Lego Sports, Construction Lego, Lego Activities, Lego Builder, Custom Lego, Custom Cars

Gnarly BMW 2002 Rat Rod _07

The Gnarly BMW 2002 Rat Rod. This one also gets subtly angled sides (doors) and although it doesn't look like, it does have clearance from the ground and it rolls smoothly. It also fits a driver in a fairly detailed interior - not that it was a purpose or something, but it's the first car I've built which sits lower than the minifig and yet still fits it. I have absolutely no idea how the rear of the real car looks like, so I've just imagined how I would design it to match the overall style…

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MK1 Ford Escort RS 2

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Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL was the ancestor of the kind of car that would become known as the supercar. Racing-car derived underpinnings defined its shape, the canted over straight-six engine allowed a very low bonnet line and the complex tubular chassis meant huge sills. These large, awkward to negotiate sills gave the 300 SL its main feature - those gull-wing doors. This was a really tricky build, the 62361 mudguards at 6-long made the corners in particular quite fun to resolve and…

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Ford Escort RS1600 MOC 1

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Lego Chevy Nova from Death Proof/Punisher car Chevy Chevelle, Chevy Nova, Death Proof, Cars Youtube, Batman Batmobile, Toys For Boys, Boy Toys, Lego Speed Champions, Ideas

Lego Chevy Nova from Death Proof/Punisher car

You have been asking to me for a Nova, and I wanted to make the version from Death Proof (underrated movie, by the way) with the skull in the hood. Maybe the...