someone else's comment: "replace planets with flowers/vincent van gogh self portrait" -- which I agree is a great idea.something similar would be good for paris/london tattoo

Tattoo by @baam.kr  ___ www.EQUILΔTTERΔ.com ___  #Equilattera

Facinating Solar System Tattoo Designs - Their Origin And Symbolism

Confira linhas finas e delicadas que formam desenhos suaves.

Tatuagens pequenas (e lindas!) para você fazer no pulso

possible tattoo pt.


Fiz Essa Tatto perto do ombro

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13 Tatuagens Minimalistas Que Vão Te Deixar Com Vontade De Tatuar Agora

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Tatuagem Masculina na mão

Inspirações com 5 Estilos de Tatuagens Masculinas

Rose like this, with the blacked out stem and blooming rose.

This would be cute with a realistic elephant.

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"Its our hearts that make the beat" Tattoo ideas

world map + compass

world map + compass (Tattoo Travel Ideas)

made in pizza                                                       …

tattoo and planet afbeelding

☽ We must speak what we feel ☼ : Foto

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A menina da lua. : Foto

Tiny mountain, moon, evergreen compass with lavender black ink tattoo on inner upper arm by Taija