Tea Eggs

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Tea eggs - would like to try beet pickled eggs too! Tea Recipes, Asian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Veggie Recipes, Soy Sauce Eggs, Chinese Street Food, Pickled Eggs, Brunch, Tea Eggs

Tea eggs - chinese grandma

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Tea Eggs 1 dozen eggs 2 tea bags (I used Lipton's black tea bags) 1 star anise 2 tsp salt Tea Recipes, Asian Recipes, Chinese Recipes, Yummy Recipes, Making Hard Boiled Eggs, Egg Ingredients, Black Tea Bags, Urban Kitchen, Taiwanese Cuisine

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I love tea eggs. They are hard boiled eggs slowly cooked over low heat in black tea and spices for hours. The resulting egg has a wonderful salty and tea-infused flavor that’s addictive. Furthermore, the eggs take on a beautifully intricate web-like design from the tea. You can buy pre-made tea-egg packs at Asian supermarkets. ...Read More »

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Tea eggs, I ate these a lot for breakfast in Taiwan Egg Recipes, Asian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Plum Sauce, Chinese Tea, Chinese Food, Tea Eggs, Easter Weekend, Time To Eat

Tea Eggs

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Not sure how they taste but these tea eggs were everywhere. These ones were for sale along the path up Laoshan Tea eggs ( 茶葉蛋 ) are a popular Chinese snack. Chinese Tea, Chinese Food, Italian People, Tea Eggs, Game App, Dim Sum, Street Food, Asian Recipes, Yummy Food

Tea Eggs

Not sure how they taste but these tea eggs were everywhere. These ones were for sale along the path up Laoshan

Celine Asril shows a Kowloon Hong Kong vendor selling tea eggs and bean curd. Kowloon Hong Kong, Tea Eggs, Macaroons, Creative Food, Street Food, Celine, Dishes, Drink, Vegetables

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mmm yumm... tea eggs smell soooo gooood

Ya-ya's deviled tea eggs with Oolong mayo. Chinese Recipes, Chinese Food, Tea Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Tea Blog, Tea Eggs, Yummy Food, Vegetables, Cooking

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Ben has a great cracking technique. His recipe uses curry powder and a finishing douse of hot sauce. Tea Eggs, Curry Powder, Hard Boiled, Hot Sauce, Garlic, Yummy Food, Healthy Recipes, Vegetables, Eat

Tea Eggs

Recipe: Hard boil three to four eggs, remove from water and tap with spoon to break shell. Return to water and add one sliced clove of garlic, one stick of cinnamon, pinch curry, 1/3 cup soy sauce, and simmer on low for 1- 1 1/2 hrs. Peel eggs and eat with hot sauce.

The delicate pattern on egg mirrored by the stronger shell markings, all part of the intriguing beauty of tea eggs. Captured in an Escher-memory from Joe Gray in Hong Kong. Egg Recipes, Snack Recipes, Snacks, Tea Eggs, Chinese Tea, Like A Local, Delicate, Ice Cream, Tasty

Tea Eggs

These eggs are made by boiling about two dozen eggs in a strong chinese tea for (so far as i can tell) two whole days! The shells are cracked after the eggs are hard-boiled to allow the tea to infuse into the egg. It creates such a cool pattern on the egg and shell and tastes fantastic!

Authentic Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Recipe for a little more prosperity this coming year by TV Chef and Cookbook author Jaden of Steamy Kitchen Egg Recipes, Kitchen Recipes, Chinese Tea Eggs Recipe, Star Anise Tea, Tv Chefs, Boiled Eggs, Deep, Pattern, Blog

Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Recipe | Steamy Kitchen Recipes

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This Marbled Tea Egg recipe serves up eggs with a beautiful marbled surface. They are simmered in a savory liquid with star anise, cinnamon sticks, Sichuan peppercorns, and black tea until soaked with the flavors of the spices and a refreshing tea fragrance. They look beautiful and taste divine!

Chinese Tea Eggs for Easter Monday Easter Monday, Bourbon Chicken, Tea Eggs, Chinese Tea, Easy Meals, Dinner, Eat, Healthy, Desserts

Chinese Tea Eggs for Easter Monday

If you're looking for something to do on the last day of Easter, try these fun, family-friendly, healthy, and attractive tea eggs. After seeing a post on TasteSpotting, I decided on a whim to make Chinese tea eggs for our family lunch on Easter Sunday. Though appropriate for an everyday snack, these tea eggs are novel enough (in New Zealand!), and decorative enough, to be perfect for this eggy Anglo holiday.* (Their spiderweb design would also make them great for Halloween, but one season at…

Fellow tea egg traveler John 3000 shows his third attempt and writes, "I hate eggs, but I love Chinese tea eggs. This is because the blend of spices soaks into the eggs, changing and improving their flavor. Tea Eggs, Chinese Tea, Crockpot, Third, Hate, Spices, Food, Crock Pot, Essen

Tea Eggs: 3rd Time's the Charm!

I hate eggs, but I love Chinese tea eggs. This is because the blend of spices soaks into the eggs, changing and improving their flavor. My previous attempts to pull this off at home, though, resulted in an eggy product--YUCK. This time I made sure to cover all bases: I preboiled the eggs only as lightly as possible before tapping cracks all over their shells; I used the darkest soaking products possible (black tea, dark soy sauce, brown sugar), and I shoved them in a crock pot to simmer…