Oh ....my....gosh. The tank is a soda bottle, and pacifier for mouthpiece. This is the cutest!!

Easy DIY baby scuba diver Halloween costume that uses a soda bottle as an air tank, pool swimming goggles and pacifier for mouthpiece. This is the cutest and a really cheap costume for infants!

a bottle jellyfish

Ocean Unit - a bottle jellyfish. The preschool kids love things that hang in the classroom. Interesting to see how much the kids can do themselves - what needs to be modified. ***has a lot of kids crafts

Casinha de Passarinho feito com garrafa Pet

Casinha de Passarinho feito com garrafa Pet/ casa para pájaros hecha con botella pet

How cute!

Soda Bottle Penguins: fun holiday Christmas crafts Lyons Lyons Cumberland I immediately thought of you when I saw these.maybe a craft to do with Casey?

Поделка изделие Моделирование конструирование Мама Папа Я - Кошкина семья Бутылки пластиковые

Handmade product Simulation design Mom Dad I am a Koshka family Plastic bottles

What a great idea Make an Ottoman By Recycling Plastic Bottle

DIY Plastic Bottle Ottoman DIY Plastic Bottle Ottoman, may have to do this for my nursery. All other ottoman diys look so heavy!

Отличные Идеи поделок для двора! Поделки из пластиковых бутылок.

пластиковые бутылки в дело.СВОИМИ РУКАМИ.

Excellent Ideas of hand-made articles for the yard! Hand-made articles from plastic bottles.


30 Maneiras super criativas de reutilizar garrafas de plástico