I don't own this, found this on here and thought it was amazing as a background so enjoy ❤️ ☺ ☺

Allen laughed while he whipped out a knife, grasping it’s handle. “My middle finger salutes you,” he yelled, “And you’re boyfriend, too.

Georgia Thelogou cria retratos vívidos e noturnos, com tons flúor e demonstra seu talento ao criar sutilmente uma atmosfera onírica e ao mesmo tempo cósmica, quase psicodélica. Veja mais!

Retratos fluorescentes de Georgia Theologou

Georgia or Georgia Theologou Th, Greek self-taught artist who makes portraits something disturbing. The artist creates his works combining media.


Today is the day I became a fan of BTS one year ago. Im so happy that I saw their company grow and Im so proud of my boys making achievements - G

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